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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Adieu to the Bahamas: Memories, notes and photos of Vietnam 1965 1975


Adieu to the Bahamas

I was sitting on the beach of the Mantagu Beach Hotel. This was well known to Decca personnel. It had a swimming pool and below that a bar. In fact the wall behind the bar was a glass partition at the deep end of the swimming pool. An American honeymoon couple had found this out to their cost on entering the bar after coming down from the pool. They checked out of the hotel in five minutes.

I had in years gone by met a Canadian girl on this beach. She was part American Indian and had the most intriguing eyes I had ever seen. A deep brown, almost black, with flecks of green and gold. She wrote me the most beautiful letters in French when I had gone back to the out islands. We only received our mail once a month when the sea plane arrived with our food and beer. I had to wait to the following month to send the reply. It had been a very slow pace of life. Cut off from the world, no telephones and only the BBC foreign service. The most utterly lovely swimming where one would spend up to three hours in the water at a time scuba diving.

I saw my sister walking towards me down the beach. She was dressed for the office and had a purposeful stride to her and I immediately knew what she was going to say when she was ten yards away. I was to call Washington immediately. I went to the local office, called the head office and two days later was on a plane to Washington. The goodbyes were untroubled this time. No tears. Even Susan came along. She was to move to Paris later, but maybe she will enter another blog I'm writing.

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