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Sunday, 2 December 2012

The rice is served. Memories from Saigon, Vietnam

From time to time I find a modern singer who pleases me. Such is the case with Huong Thanh. I now have three of her CDs. I love this cover, it is from her album 'Moon and wind'. It is so typical of the Vietnam I remember.

I still eat rice. By that I mean I eat a lot of rice in the western sense of the word. But that is talking about eating it with dishes such as curry. At one time in Saigon I had a maid who had cooked for Indians. The Indians who were in Saigon when I was were usualy in the garment trade. They were also money changers on the black market. The cook made superb curries.

But by eating rice I also mean in the Vietnamese sense 'an com' which also means food is served. Here also I am referring to 'an com ta' which in this case means Vietnamese food. Perhaps half of my main meals are Vietnamese. I also refuse categorically to eat Vietnamese food with a knife and fork. So we still use chopsticks with our bowls of rice. Habits and traditions must be maintained.

When I was there I quickly adapted to Vietnamese food and enjoyed rice. If you don't there is frankly no point of living in the country.

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