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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Memories of Vietnam 1965 1975 : photos,notes,stories from the war

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Settling in, Saigon: Saigon Memories 

Things dragged on for a while with Decca but I was then called back from Tay Ninh. I had a row with the Area Manager, moved into my house in Saigon and kept a low profile.

Personnel were reduced to one per station and then the whole operation folded up. The equipment was shipped back to the States. What happened to the 16th Signals Company I don't know? They had however left the diesel generators behind and farmed them out to various army units around the country. One of our diesel people, an American Joe Hogan, put together an operation to keep things going.

He managed to keep the office open at Tan Son Nhut. From there we started to operate an advisory service on the maintenance of these diesels. Some of the US army units hadn't much idea how to operate them and they were always breaking down. Apart from Joe there was Jim McCormick, Fred and myself. Jim passed away not so long ago. Joe evidently had a heart attack in 1976 and died. Fred is still going strong and I am in regular contact with him.

So to my knowledge the only former Decca people left that I know of are John Hansen from Van Kiep and Fred Mucciardi.

Joe lived a couple of streets away from me. Jim lived in some rabbit warren of small alleys also not far away. Fred was I think a little further out. So here we were, all more or less settled around an area called Tan Dinh, the remnants of Decca Navigator Systems Incorporated, still trying to keep the operation going. I don't think London had any more interest in us. All their personnel had long since been withdrawn. The four of us were keen to stay in the country for personal reasons. All four were or became married and by that time were leading respectable lives, far from the wildness of our earlier days.

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