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Monday, 12 January 2009

Memories & photos of Phan Thiet, South Vietnam, 1965

These photos are courtesy of John Hansen
Phan Thiet in perhaps 1965

They depict a private school and three forms of transporting goods.
The school photo sadly lacks the pupils of the school.

There was never a more graceful sight than that of school girls walking sedately to and from school in their Ao Dai and straw hats. Some with waist length hair.
When I was in Phan Thiet I admit I never took any photos of them either as I thought it might have been in bad taste. The ones I took later were of personal friends.

The other photo shows three methods of transporting goods. Manual or 'coolie' style labour, oxen or a military 3/4 ton truck which was our usual means of travelling. Much safer than a jeep, one was better off in an accident.

I am in the process of collecting together all the photos I can of the operations of Decca Navigator in South Vietnam.
This was after all the principal reason I went there in the first place.
In the meantime John Hansen has very kindly sent me his photos from that period. We both served at Van Kiep, Tay Ninh and Phan Thiet.

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