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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The deserted streets of Cholon. 1968

Included today are three black and white photos taken in May 1968 in the deserted streets of Cholon.

I have written before of the spooky feeling of being alone there. From the moment I descended my taxi which had brought me from my house in Tan Dinh that I had just rented as I was being shunted around up country and needed somewhere to meet my girlfriend. Only those who were in South Vietnam at that period know the difficulties of hotel accommodation which varied from the ultra respectable Majestic down to something akin to glorified brothels.

So alone I was until after a long walk I came across the South Vietnamese (ARVN) soldiers I have featured earlier.

Either in town or the countryside I never quite got over this sudden contrast between normal daily life carrying on and then the war happening right next door. With the exception of major offensives such as earlier at Tet the two seemed to live side by side.

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