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Monday, 11 August 2008

Decca Navigator in South Vietnam. 1965 1969

A couple of photos of Decca Navigator personnel.

The one with the helicopter is at Tan Son Nhut airport in Saigon where our chain commander Jim Moran is loading supplies onto a helicopter. A very decent fellow he was the first person I met on my arrival.

Not when I got off the plane though. There were meant to be four of us arriving that day but the other three had been bumped off in Hawaii and got a week on the beaches there. Perhaps Jim didn’t recognize me when I descended as I was in suit, trilby and carrying furled umbrella and briefcase. My education had been rather old fashioned even in that day and age. Perhaps though I always felt better when dealing with foreign immigration if correctly dressed.

It did enable me to commandeer a US military police jeep and its occupants and spend an hour driving around Tan Son Nhut looking for the Decca Navigator office, a place I only found on recognizing the twin monitoring antennae.

The second photo is of Ray and companion taking a cruise off Tuy Hong and Song Cau. Such was the hard every day life of our station personnel. I am reliably informed though they were landing Special Forces advisers somewhere. Well that is a very civilized manner of conducting a war.

Both photos are courtesy of Ray Landry.

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