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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Montagnards. A minority that has always got in the way of the Vietnamese. Memories of Vietnam

The above photos were taken in 1967 near Pleiku or at the market in Pleiku;
One exception in B&W shows Montagnards attacking vietcong in the town of Phan Thiet in 1968.
Both the South Vietnames and had refused to go into the attack and a battalion of these montagnards had been flown in.

Amy Hutt
Amy Hutt is a journalist who has reported on human rights issues in South America, South East Asia and Australia and is now based in Britain.

SE Asia hill tribes fight back with new weapon - YouTube
15 Jun 2007 15:38:00 GMT
By Amy Hutt

Vast areas of mountainous jungle in Vietnam and Laos are strictly out of bounds to journalists and human rights monitors, but the hill tribes who have taken refuge there have found another way to tell the world about their plight.

Still considered enemies today by their respective governments, the Hmong in Laos and the Montagnards in Vietnam claim they are being persecuted because of their connection to former rebels who took up arms against the communist regimes more than four decades ago


My knowledge of the Vietnamese montagnard tribes is very limited. I would refer the reader to Amy Hutt, above for any information on how they are faring today.
When I was in Vietnam there was little consideration given to them by the government of South Vietnam. In the war I felt they were used as so much cannon fodder by both sides. There losses not being accountable to public opinion.

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