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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Tet 1968 and its aftermath. Phan Thiet. Memories of Vietnam

A U.S. Army 106mm Recoiless Rifle team in action.
They were giving support to the Montagnard battalion who were engaging the Viet Cong units who dug in in the destroyed buildings. There were also VC units holding positions on my way back to our camp at the airfield. The U.S. Army were using helicopters firing rockets in support of other Montagnards. These poor blighters were always used to do the dirty work as their losses didn't really count in the statistics. No photos of the latter. I was nursing my own submachine gun. Always preferable to a camera at times. Frankly every time the chopper fired off its 2.75 inch rockets as it came in low over our heads my knees used to give a twitch. When a VC broke out and the ARVN with me opened fire I just stood motionless, my fingers frozen. The only time it ever happened.


Skul said...

I was in the MACV compound at the time. Cripes, forty years ago.

Skul said...

Forty years ago, I was in the MACV compound in Hue.

ambler42041 said...

1967 MACV, Hue, Vietnam and 1967 Dong Ha, Vietnam, Pre Tet Offensive: these pictures (slides) were found at the Nashville Flea Market in April 2009 (see the photo gallery). They were take by Thomas Southall, an advisor at the Hue MACV from 1965-1967. The slides are dated May to Dec. 1967. said...

I was a 14th combat engineer and on gaurd duty the nite of 68 TeT.I was on top of my bunker at the northwest corner of our compound.To the right of me was the road to the beach,the front the road to LZ Betty and the graveyard.I heard and saw the motar frashes.Some rounds hit our mess hall,some hit the ammo dump which started a fire.From what I heard the fire started setting off whole palletts of 105,155 artillary rounds,etc.These rounds flying around like buckshot.What a mess the next day.

Christopher Rose said...

That was quite an evening. At the time we hadn't been issued flack jackets or helmets. I remember sitting in the open clutching my sub-machine gun. When the ammo dump went up I lit my pipe. The next morning looking at the débris of shells etc. lying around me I think it was lucky I never saw it all falling down. | Trang chủ | Tin thế giới
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