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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Vietnamese women were very fashion conscious. Memories of Vietnam.

Once there was a town called Saigon. Young Vietnamese women were very fashion conscious. Of course this only applied to a certain class in the major cities. They could however switch from western dress back to national dress very easily. I did come across a few women who refused to wear the Ao Dai ever, but I would say they were in the distinct minority. It was also probably the fact that Vietnam was full of dress makers that permitted well off women to have such a wide selection of clothes.

I sometimes saw western women trying to wear an Ao Dai. It never worked. Frankly it always looked a disaster. Not only did the wearer require a very slim body. The wearer also had to know how to walk with a certain unhurried grace. Also who was ever more graceful riding side saddle on the back of a honda than young Vietnamese girls.


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