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Saturday, 10 November 2007

Photos from the past. Memories of Vietnam

An old photo from my collection. A person I knew.

I only began blogging at the begining of this year. Before that I was content with the photos I had salvaged from Vietnam. Now I am always regretting the hundreds of photos I didn't take. There seem to be whole periods in my life with big photographic gaps in it. I know I had moods when I took quite a few. There were perhaps other times when I was too occupied or just not interested. How are there girls completely erased from my past?

Of course albums were lost in transit. My mother lost a box of negatives. Or at least was inadvertantly instrumental in their destruction. Not her fault at all.
She did though tear up quite a few photos of old girlfriends after I got married. Come to think of it my wife found a whole collection once and threw them away. There was the night when a girlfriend , long before I was married, found some photos, woke me up, tore up the photos and we had a terrible scene. I've never quite understood why a man's past should be erased as though it didn't exist. An Orwellian version of newspeak or a soviet style air brushing out the past. It's a wonder that I've got any photos left. A former GI once sent me an email asking if I had any photos of a place we'd served in together. His former wife had destroyed all his photos. It must be something that is different in the genes.

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