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Monday, 12 November 2007

Old friends chatting. Memories of Vietnam

A group of friends talking in my house. Saigon 1960s.

I came across an interesting little article on the BBC website today.

Its about escaped crockodiles from a crockodile farm following recent flooding. Curiously I can't ever remember crockodiles being talked about whilst I was there. I once bought a girlfriend a brautiful crockodile skin handbag but that was in Singapore. God only knows what they cost now. Both handbag and girlfriend are lost also. I imagine they must have had the reptiles there. I know an American soldier once got killed by one whilst he was lying in ambush. When my wife was at the Couvent des Oiseaux in Dalat they had a wild one loose in the grounds. I believe in the old days under the French hunting was quite good. I don't know whether the war improved or diminished the life expactancy of wild animals. Certainly there was no hunting for sport, although doubtless the Viet Cong did a fair amount for food. Bopmbing must have done some damage to their habitat but probably only a fraction that deforestation is doing now.

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