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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Old Beret. Somewhere in South Vietnam 1965-67. Memories of Vietnam

I remember that old beret I was wearing. I'd bought it in France on some cycling trip. I'd worn it in Seville, Spain when I was studying Spanish at the University. I also carried a bodega in those days. A most civilised habit. I'd worn it on the out islands of the Bahamas.
And in this photo I'm wearing it in Vietnam. At that time nobody wore berets. Then the American army adopted them so I switched to a bush hat. I don't remember what became of the beret. Its not the kind of thing I would ever throw away. Lost, doubtless, along with the girl in the photo.
I now live in France but don't wear a beret either. I'd like to but then everybody would think I was trying to be a Frenchman. In any case its a most sensible type of headwear. I see even the Royal Navy are wearing them. But thats wrong. Berets are not seamen's headgear. But then the Royal Navy's hardly a navy any more.
Perhaps I wore it to be me, which is why hats should be worn of course.

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