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Thursday, 1 November 2007

A November 1st of long ago. Saigon memories

Today is November 1st. If I recollect it used to be a National Holiday in South Vietnam. In fact it was their National Day. The overthrow of President Diem I think. Such a rich history and that day was chosen. I always thought there was something rather sad or even lamentable about it. So many other dates to have celebrated. And here they were celebrating the overthrow of the man who should have led them to..........?
Perhaps that was part of the problem. The war against the French was to gain independence. The war of North Vietnam against the South and then the Americans was to unite the country. What was the objective of South Vietnam? Where were they going?
I watched Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket" this evening. A good film. Well, good in as much as it didn't glorify the war. Well acted too. The South Vietnamese were badly portrayed. But I imagine that was the only image many Americans had of them.

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