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Friday, 23 November 2007

The long journey from the Cotswolds to the Pearl of the Orient. Memories of Vietnam

These two photos were taken about thirty years apart. They were also taken on two different continents. They are similar in that they show two very young boys. Both are also in similar settings. Perhaps an old country house in the Cotswolds of England for one. Maybe a rather more modern country house somewhere not too far from Saigon for the other.
There are more similarities of course. Both were taken in a time of war. The war in the first picture would lead by a long and tortuous route to a never ending war in the second picure.
Of course it was inevitable that the two should meet. But that is a story far too complicated to tell here in a few lines. The first boy read too much Kipling and perhaps went off in search of his Gunga Din. The second was wiser and read philosophy instead.

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