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Saturday, 24 November 2007

The land, the peasants, the war. Memories of Vietnam

Three odd photos. A lot of the time my mind was on other things and I didn't take photos. Then for no apparent reason I'd take the odd one here and there. These would have been in the period 1965-67 during my first tour. Most of the inhabitants of South Vietnam got on with the process of living. Those connected with the military on either side went on with the fighting. From time to time the two met and civilians as well as soldiers died. There were many deaths from mines. Walking was not always safe. I always felt happier putting my feet where buffalo had trod first. Frankly I was always most impressed by the courage shown by the peasants during this conflict. Those that still had their land were the lucky ones, although many got caught up in the fighting. Those that had been resettled in secure villages, but with no land or those that were living in slums in towns as refugees had a really hard time of it.

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