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Monday, 22 October 2007

Three studies in black and white. Vietnam memories

Three more studies in black and white. These were probably taken in mid 1972 in the relative quiet of Saigon.
Some time before rockets had fallen in front of the house and behind the house. Field police used to man the school opposite the house. The author of these photos was nearly shot one night when he encountered a patrol of trigger happy People's self Defense force twenty yards from his front door.
Three toddlers had died within a stones throw of the front door because of stupid accidents. One drowned in a six inch deep goldfish pond. One took an overdose of his mother's sleeping pills by mistake. Another was shot whilst sleeping through the accidental discharge of a People's Self Defense Force rifle.
The town of Quang Tri, along with the South Vietnamese Marine and Parachute divisions were being ground to dust way up north.
Near to Saison the town of An Loc was being reduced to rubble along with its inhabitants.
And through it all one's sanity is saved by the smile of a young child.
Such was the summer of 1972 in a town that used to be called Saigon in a country that used to be called South Vietnam.

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