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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

A study in pink. Vietnam memories

Whole albums of my photos were lost. After one leave in the Bahamas I left some photo albums and negatives with my mother. These dealt mostly with the period 1965-1966 when I was stationed in Van Kiep, Phuoc Thuy Province. When she later moved to England they were sent in a chest by sea. A voyage of six months. Many were destroyed. Later our house in Saigon was ransacked in 1975 and everything left there was destroyed or stolen. Over the last thirty years I've been here or there and my photos have been left in odd places. By some miracle I am recovering some, developing others from old negatives, and using internet to store them. I still have no digital camera and mentally am in the age of my faithful old Canon which served me very well. Much has been lost, but a lot remains.

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