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Thursday, 25 October 2007

A place called Nowhere. Vietnam memories

Black and white photography can be used to great effect. It can also be utterly depressing. I can't remember why I took these photos in B&W. They were probably taken in about 1967.
I can remember once leaving the town, having taken one of those three wheeled taxi affairs as far from the town as the driver would dare take me. I wanted to visit a montagnard village. I set off walking to it. I was wearing khaki drills but carrying my umbrella which I used as a walking stick. Somewhere further on this armoured column, bristling with guns, approached from ahead. The GIs stared at me, doubtless wondering who that nutter was.
I have others taken at the same time in colour which give a completely different picture of the town concerned. Pleiku in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Once called Annam under the French.
On the other hand there was an absolutely deplorable side to Vietnam which can perhaps better be seen in black and white.
The bottom picture could be called urban sprawl.
The top, a nameless street in a town called Nowhere.

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