Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Once upon a time there was a Smile. Memories of Vietnam

Even in a war there were smiles. Sadly the collateral damage caused by war, or the men who make wars, or the diseases and famine that accompany wars is never far away. That smiles existed was surprising. That they eventually turned to sadness, dispair and death was inevitable.
So it is better to remember the happy times, to forget the bad times and wake up each day and begin life anew.
Somewhere in South Vietnam. Someplace on the South China Sea. Sometime in the 1960s. Somemoment in the life of two people.


Anonymous said...

Incredible photos thank's....

peteej said...

The beauty of the camera - you see what it wants you to see. Escape to the beach or witness a deadly bombing. It is a comforter and interrogator. Knowing the background, these photos are very moving. Thanks again for sharing them. | Trang chủ | Tin thế giới
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