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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Bunker, Van Kiep, Phuoc Thuy Province. Vietnam memories

Our old bunker at Van kiep was an utter disgrace. Originaly the Decca Mk5 equipment had just been in a porta camp building. One night the camp had been mortared and it had been hit by shrapnel so it was decided to sandbag it. The upkeep of these sandbags was not too hot.
When I had been working for the United States navy in the Bahamas everything had been spic and span. No sandbags of course but the diesel house floor was painted. There were vastly different standards between the American services.
On the other hand we were no longer in the services so perhaps a slacker regime was called for. We worked on the basis of getting the job done 100% but then feeling free to do what we wanted. I spent over two years at this camp which became a home from home. I found the American sergeants were of the old beer drinking long service types and on the whole good fellows. Their army seemed to be run by the sergeants. One never had much to do with the officers.

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