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Monday, 6 August 2007

A street scene in 1968, Phan Thiet. Memories of Vietnam

Posted by PicasaAn ARVN armoured unit with it's US advisers. The beer the American is drinking would appear to be something called Larue. Miserable taste, not improved by it usually being warm unless a block of ice was available to knock a piece off. At this time we had no water at the camp either as our water storage shed had been destroyed. The town had no water. I had seen bloated dead pigs floating in their reservoir. Our American beer was utterly rotten. A certain well known brewer had decided to change the taste of their beer with disastrous consequences. Why we should have ended up with pallettes of the stuff I don't know.

Such doubtless were the minor irritations of war to which I probably gave no more than a passing thought and curse at the time.

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