Get More Leads for your Business

Get More Leads for your Business

Sunday, 12 August 2007

The letter from Saigon.(Part 1) Memories of Vietnam

Feb. 22, 19..

My very dear Rozier,

For a long time without any messages from me, have you ever thought that H has been done for? Luckily I am still existing in this fugitive life. Please excuse me for not answering your letters. Last year I tried to escape from Vietnam by small boat but unfortunately I was arrested and put in prison.
They kept me there for nearly a year. I have just been set free. What a miserable life it was! A day in gaol is like a century in outer life. I am now in deep depression, so hopeless that I just want to say let it be. One has lost so much!!! Don't you have a share with me???
How are you now? Is there anything happy to tell me? I hope you are always well and happy. Do remember to write me the sooner the better.

Everyours, H

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