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Sunday, 12 August 2007

The letter from Saigon.(Part 1) Memories of Vietnam

Feb. 22, 19..

My very dear Rozier,

For a long time without any messages from me, have you ever thought that H has been done for? Luckily I am still existing in this fugitive life. Please excuse me for not answering your letters. Last year I tried to escape from Vietnam by small boat but unfortunately I was arrested and put in prison.
They kept me there for nearly a year. I have just been set free. What a miserable life it was! A day in gaol is like a century in outer life. I am now in deep depression, so hopeless that I just want to say let it be. One has lost so much!!! Don't you have a share with me???
How are you now? Is there anything happy to tell me? I hope you are always well and happy. Do remember to write me the sooner the better.

Everyours, H

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