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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The British Consulate, Saigon. Memories of Vietnam

There was a Chinese fellow at the Embassy. He ran the Consulate. Most of the time one only dealt with him, as he knew everything. What papers one needed, how to fill them in, who to see etc. One of these absolutely indispensible types without which the place wouldn't have run. I was never really sure if there was actually a Consul or not and the Embassy didn't just assign some newcomer to do the job whilst they settled in. I heard they got him and his family out of Saigon just before the fall although I had also heard there had been some question of not taking him which would have been a pretty poor show.
If I had dealt with an Honory Consul as one often found in many parts of the world it might have been better. One could have got to know the fellow and developed a better relationship. As I had got off on the wrong foot with them as being considered not quite a desirable presence I never did try to mix socially. Anyway I had gone to Vietnam with the Americans and later developed a close relationship with the Vietnamese and was too much of an exile or ex-pat to have much in common with them. There were exceptions of course.

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happygecko said...

What a great post and a rich blog. I love to read hearfelt accounts of Vietnam.

I will be adding this to a new list of resources on The Vietnam War Timeline next week.

Once again, thanks. | Trang chủ | Tin thế giới
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