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Monday, 20 August 2007

Another piece of the puzzle. Memories of Vietnam

Another piece of the jigsaw puzzle fits into place. In my earlier posts, I think the one to do with a rather hazardous trip I made to Dalat with PB I mentioned that two Decca personnel had been picked up at a roadblock by the Vietcong between Phan Rang and Dalat. One day, a certain Adrian had been around at my house and he mentioned he had interviewed a Vietcong defector who said the two had died in captivity. I also mentioned that he was a very agreable person. He was a vice-consul at the British Embassy, and in fact his name is on my son's birth certificate which is why I remember it so well.

The reason I'm saying this is because yesterday I was looking to see how well placed I was on the Google listing, I type in the name of a blog, or my own name or some such thing and see if I make the first page. I noticed the entry next to me was a book, "Escape with honour; my last hours in Vietnam," written by Francis Terry McNamara (any relation to the McNamara?) and Adrian Hill. I checked on the name and it was the same. I also looked at his career and understood why I had found him so very gung ho. Not at all like the usual Btitish Embassy staff I dealt with. Well he appears to be hale and hearty so that clears up the little question of finding a man after my own heart in an Embassy where I usually felt out of place.

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