Get More Leads for your Business

Get More Leads for your Business

Monday, 20 August 2007

Another piece of the puzzle. Memories of Vietnam

Another piece of the jigsaw puzzle fits into place. In my earlier posts, I think the one to do with a rather hazardous trip I made to Dalat with PB I mentioned that two Decca personnel had been picked up at a roadblock by the Vietcong between Phan Rang and Dalat. One day, a certain Adrian had been around at my house and he mentioned he had interviewed a Vietcong defector who said the two had died in captivity. I also mentioned that he was a very agreable person. He was a vice-consul at the British Embassy, and in fact his name is on my son's birth certificate which is why I remember it so well.

The reason I'm saying this is because yesterday I was looking to see how well placed I was on the Google listing, I type in the name of a blog, or my own name or some such thing and see if I make the first page. I noticed the entry next to me was a book, "Escape with honour; my last hours in Vietnam," written by Francis Terry McNamara (any relation to the McNamara?) and Adrian Hill. I checked on the name and it was the same. I also looked at his career and understood why I had found him so very gung ho. Not at all like the usual Btitish Embassy staff I dealt with. Well he appears to be hale and hearty so that clears up the little question of finding a man after my own heart in an Embassy where I usually felt out of place.

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