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Saturday, 14 July 2007

War & Peace living together. Memories of Vietnam

It was surprising how much peace there was at times. In fact despite occasional major offensives and severe to minor outbreaks of fighting here or there, there were long periods of calm. I find this photo I took someplace that I forget gives a good example. What I imagine is a pagoda in the background; in fact if you enlarge the photo you will see the swastica on the towers. It took me a while to learn that this had been in use a thousand years or whatever before the Nazis came along. I believe the dirction of the arms is the opposite but I can never remember.
The inevitable three wheeled transport. A background of trees. A very peacefull scene in the countryside. We must not forget the tank. I'm not an expert on armoured vehicles having served in the infantry and rather disdaining tanks. In three years in the British army I can't in fact remember ever seeing one. I'll take this to be an American one belonging to some armoured unit. Are they US soldiers on it? It's presence as opposed to a small picket of Regional Forces must have meant there was at least a perceived threat in the vicinity.Posted by Picasa

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