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Sunday, 29 July 2007

The Market at Pleiku. Memories of Vietnam

Posted by PicasaThe market at Pleiku. This photo must have been taken around 1967. I sometimes had trouble taking photos of montagnards who didn't seem to like the idea. I am wondering if it wasn't there I was told they thought you were trying to steal there souls. Anyway if people didn't like it I never pushed. There was an American base outside town and an airfield and a Decca station. I found the town rather boring in fact. The Vietnames never really took to the mountains. Everything was related to the town as a military outpost. Indeed when the central highlands fell to the Vietcong in the begining of 1975 the whole country quickly collapsed.

They were then purely of a vital strategic interest to the Vietnamese and never as I place to actually live. Dalat was a little different, but that was the French influence.

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