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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The Bunker. Memories of Phan Thiet. Vietnam

Posted by PicasaA view from our compound looking out to sea. This bunker guarded the approach up the cliffs into the camp. During one mortar attack I had spent a few hours in it, forgotten my pipe, and when I went back in the morning found somebody had used it to smoke marijuana, so had to throw it away.

On another occasion an officer, situated near where I took this photo, heard a noise coming from it and called out asking who was there and was shot dead by the Viet Cong who were occupying it. Where were the US guards who were meant to be guarding our perimeter?

The temperature at the camp was not unpleasant as the sea breeze kept the humidity down. However there was an enormous problem with sand which covered everything and we could nevere get rid of it.

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