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Sunday, 1 July 2007

Women of the North. Memories of Saigon, Vietnam

Posted by PicasaThere were perhaps a million North Vietnamese who had moved to the South after partition. Their character was very different. When the French had colonised Vietnam the people of the North had never accepted French domination. Life was much harder there and they did not take to the easy casual attitudes of their southern compatriots.

The women were very calm, slow to anger and very steadfast under danger. They made very reliable friends. However it is said of northerners they would wait twenty years to take vengeance. The Americans never understood the mentality of them either.

They would also decide something for themselves without discussing it with you and when you found out it would be too late. They smiled less and were less frivolous than the southern women. One learns life's lessons the hard way and North Vietnamese women were pitiless teachers.


VioletsVintage said...

Very interesting read. Nice work!

vnrozier said...

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