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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

How not to dispose of a girlfriend. Saigon, Vietnam

I met my sister at Tan Son Nhut. Very happy to see each other after an absence of many years i found she was a little shook up. Strangely I didn't think what had happened as unusual and treated it as an everyday occurrence.

The fact is that if she had taken the flight the previous day she would have been blown out of the sky. That would of course have upset me very greatly. What had happened was this. A Thai had thought of a way to dispose of his girl friend and make some money at the same time. In Hong Kong he had insured her for a hefty sum against being the victim of an airline accident. He had then sent her on ahead of him on the return to Thailand with a bomb in her suitcase. One imagines this was meant to explode somewhere over the South China Sea causing the aircraft to disappear without trace. Something must have gone wrong with the timing on the bomb because the aircraft came down over the central highlands of South Vietnam. At first it was thought it might have been brought down by the Viet Cong, but they were not thought to have missiles with such a capability in the south. The crash site was secured, the cause of the crash quickly discovered and later the whole plot was laid bare. There had been no survivors of course.

I forget if the perpetrator of this crime was hung or sent to prison. In anycase he was quite easily caught. I must admit my sister was very courageous to have taken a flight that day. I doubt if I would have done so sober.

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Ted said...

I remember it well, was an covan my
(american advisor) to ARVN in the Third Corps area, near Saigon. In 1966-67.
Best Wishes
Ted | Trang chủ | Tin thế giới
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