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Friday, 20 April 2007

More tales of unrequited love from Saigon. Vietnam

Not all tales were happy of course. One wife, tired of her husband's infidelity with another woman embraced him one day, and pulled the pin from a grenade. Rather drastic perhaps.

Another story told about a young man who had lost out to a rival. Going to the wedding reception he tossed a grenade in the window killing or wounding a few dozen of the wedding guests and eliminating both his rival and former girl friend.

I've always stayed clear of grenades. When I was in the army they were only issued when leaving a compound and then only to those who might need them. when I was living with the US military they would have them strung all over their uniforms. They never seemed to realize that when pulling a fatigue jacket from a cupboard the pin might get snagged on something. I would never have one in the house.

Another luckless husband on visiting a brothel woke up the following morning minus one of his vital organs. One wonders who had put out a contract on him.

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