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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Exit PB. Saigon: South Vietnam; Memories of Vietnam

Exit PB. It is not my intention in this blog to go into my personal relationships in any detail.
Frankly I have never discussed them with anyone. Its just that around this time a separation began, doubtless due to mistakes by both parties. It left me in the most absolutely foul mood and I learnt one of life's great lessons. One has to die once or twice during one's life in order to learn what its all about.
I don't know if the last but one chapter took place a year or so later in the highlands around Dalat. Its possible. I never knew the last chapter. That the curtain eventually came down on a first of May 1975 is certain. So much of my life was wiped out at that time.

I spent many of my evenings around at a French restaurant called 'Le Gaullois'. It was run by a couple of young French men and the food was good, the atmosphere friendly and I became a regular client passing long hours there despite nearly getting poisoned twice by their mussels. How I could make the same mistake twice I don't know. Nguyen Kao Ky and his cronies ate there one evening when I was there. Another time there was some security operation in the street and everybody was searched. This very, very green GI spent some time trying to figure out that my tobacco pouch was not some kind of explosive.
Once the sister of one of the owners came out from France, young and very beautiful, she had some kind of cancer. So sad. Some years later they had to leave the country because of tax problems. Some of their clients had been paying their bills into an account in France. The tax authorities were pitiless to foreigners who wern't under the protection of the Americans, but more on that later.
Actually when I was drunk life was bearable, it was the sober mornings that were difficult to get through.

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I have been enjoying your blog since I found out about it a couple of weeks ago. It's very interesting to me, since I have spent some time in VN and plan to move there next year.

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vnrozier said...

Many thanks for your comment and tip. | Trang chủ | Tin thế giới
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