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Sunday, 4 March 2007

Bahamas. Mexico. Memories of Vietnam

I went to Mexico for a couple of weeks. I had never been there and had a certain curiosity about it. I had never been to Miami, except the airport, and had absolutely no curiosity about it at all, although my parents and sister were often there shopping.
I had a problem with the altitude in Mexico city and my pulse went up to a worrying 144. I stayed in a rather boring hotel and did the usual tours but was not overly interested. I went off on a car trip to Acapulco. Stopped at one town, I forget the name but famous for its silver. Drank too much tequila in the Mexican fashion; Tequila, a pinch of salt and a touch of lime. A foul hangover in the morning. I was trying to get out of these bad habits. A glass of tomato juice in one hand and a beer in the other for breakfast.
Left the car at a place we had stopped for lunch to recuperate. The Hacienda Victor Hermoza. A most luxurious hotel converted from one of those old haciendas. Just to my taste.
I stayed there ten days. Ten utterly delightful days where I spent the mornings riding and the afternoons lazing by the pool. A little concerned about riding amongst bulls being raised for bullfighting. I had been to a bullfight in Mexico City. Not the same atmosphere as when I had been staying with my sister in Seville in Spain years before learning Spanish. Almost no guests. Sometimes a few Mexicans. I do so love being virtually the only person in an hotel. I made the aquaintance of a young woman or two but everything remained on a very casual basis. No desire to get involved.
Then back to Nassau for Christmas.

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