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Monday, 5 March 2007

The Bahamas. The Australian. Vietnam memories

We had met at a party. She later said that I was like a breath of fresh air. That's not surprising really. With at least three or four parties or dinners a week in season one tended to always meet the same people. I've said before that I've always had a soft spot for Australians. I should clarify that by stating a certain type of easy going outback man. Probably very rare.
When I was round at her apartement one evening her flat mate walked in wearing what I thought was a rather daring nightgown in the presence of a strange man. Later we bumped into her in some nightclub down town. She wearing the same nightgown/dress. Which goes to show how out of touch I was with fashion.
Then one day she said I was quite the most selfish man she had ever met. I was not conscious of being more selfish than other young men. I think the problem was in the manner Australian women, or for that matter English and American women also, dealt with men. In Vietnam one tended to be spoilt. Doubtless she or the others were good tennis partners or fine to go out sailing with but had no idea of being feminin.
Another girl told me frankly to go back to Vietnam as my place was no longer in the Bahamas. I would say that the residents of this self-governing colony tended to be very self centred and didn't give a damn what went on outside their own little world.
I had though grown out of the place. It was my home only in theory. I wanted to be part of something. I think perhaps I had always been in search of my own Gunga Din.
I sent a telegram to Washington saying I was prepared to go back to Vietnam.

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